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Greater Manchester County Pool Assocition



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  • Committee
  • Membership
  • Benefits
  • Rules
  • General Meetings.
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.
  • Finance
  • County Matters
  • General Rules (playing) [non-constitutional]
  • Fees
  • Discipline
  • Officers
  •   Brought into effect on 17th April 2005
    Last amended at the Annual General Meeting on 5th January 2020
    The Organization shall be called “Greater Manchester County Pool Association” herein known as G.M.C.P.A.. It shall affiliate itself to the English Pool Association (E.P.A.). It shall agree to be bound by the terms laid out in both this Constitution and the Constitution of the E.P.A. G.M.C.P.A. is formed for the purpose of promoting the game of pool amongst all playing members throughout the Greater Manchester area. It shall also organize competitions & an Inter-League of which the successful players & teams will represent G.M.C.P.A. at the National Finals.

    1. The G.M.C.P.A. shall elect a Committee to manage all business appertaining to the G.M.C.P.A.
    2. The General Committee shall consist of nine officers; Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, Media Co-Ordinator,  Senior Referee,  Team Manager,  Team Captain Representative,  Youth Manager and Events organizer.
    3. The Executive Committee shall consist of three officers; Chairperson, General Secretary and Treasurer.
    4. The Inter-League Secretary, General Secretary, Chairperson and Treasurer will receive an honorarium to a value to be determined at the A.G.M. for the following County season and to be paid at the conclusion of that season.
    5. The Position of the Chairperson, General Secretary and Team Manager will be a two yearly post voted on at A.G.M.’s in even numbered years, the Treasurer & Inter- League Secretary will also be a two yearly post but will be voted on at A.G.M.’s in odd numbered years. All other officers of the Committee will hold office for a period of one year. All retiring officers will be eligible for re-election.
    6. The Committee shall have full authority to make any decision that in its opinion, is deemed necessary or beneficial to its members.
    7. Upon receipt of a request by at least two thirds of the members of the General Committee, the General Secretary shall be empowered to call an E.G.M.


    1. Membership of the G.M.C.P.A. will be open to all pool leagues and individuals within the G.M.C.P.A. area.
    2. The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any league or individual person for any reason they deem to be injurious or harmful to the G.M.C.P.A..
    3. The affiliation fee payable to G.M.C.P.A. will be determined at the A.G.M. every year. All fees due to be paid on at A.G.M.  or within 28 days of each year. Failure to comply may result in non-affiliation to the G.M.C.P.A.


    1. Only fully paid up members will be eligible to enter any closed competitions organised by the G.M.C.P.A..
    2. All affiliated leagues/teams will be entitled to send any players to the County Trials with a view to become a G.M.C.P.A. County Player.
    3. All affiliated leagues/teams will be able to put forward any ideas or thoughts they have regarding the running of the G.M.C.P.A..
    4. All affiliated leagues shall have the right to request attendance of an Executive Committee Member at any of their own General Meetings or A.G.M.’s. Likewise an Executive Committee Member may request attendance at affiliated league meetings.


    1. At least two of the General Committee Members, plus two of the Executive Committee or three general committee members, plus one of the executive committee shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of carrying on the business of a G.M.C.P.A. General Meeting.
    2. All leagues shall upon request supply a list of their league officials together with numbers of teams and estimated numbers of players in the league, to the General Secretary on request.
    3. All leagues affiliated to the G.M.C.P.A. agree to abide by the G.M.C.P.A. Constitution.
    4. The Inter-League Rules be the only set of rules used for Inter-League and they are added to the G.M.C.P.A. Constitution.


    General Meetings
    1. The G.M.C.P.A. shall hold General Meetings a minimum of every two months.
    2. An agenda will be produced for each meeting to be handed out to each delegate as they arrive.
    3. The G.M.C.P.A. General Meeting shall have the authority to make any decision which is deemed to be necessary and/or in the best interest of its members, except constitutional changes (see A.G.M. No. 3)
    4. The G.M.C.P.A. general Meeting shall have the right to change any fixtures they deem necessary.
    5. Any league wishing to add any item to the agenda must notify the General Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting.
    6. A copy of the G.M.C.P.A. accounts with all transactions to be shown at all G.M.C.P.A. meetings.
    7. Each General Committee member shall be entitled to one vote at General Meetings. All affiliated Inter-League teams or affiliated leagues to have one vote per team/league. The Chairperson will have the casting vote in the event of a tied vote. No individual may have more than one vote.
    8. The General Secretary or delegated individual will send to all Committee members & delegates of affiliated leagues, minutes of General Meetings, within three weeks of meeting taking place.
    9. All Inter-League team delegates are only required to attend the  A.G.M and the mid season meeting. Failure to do so will incur a £20 fine per team, per meeting.
    10. All Executive & General Committee Members are required to attend 70% of all meetings called (the registration meeting is compulsory).


    Annual General Meetings
    1. The G.M.C.P.A. A.G.M. shall be held as near as possible to the end of the season.
    2. The General Secretary will issue an agenda prior to the meeting.
    3. Any alteration to the Constitution can only be made at the A.G.M. or an E.G.M. expressly for that reason.
    4. All decisions previously reached and passed at the A.G.M. and General Meetings shall be honoured until such time as they become unworkable, or detrimental to the G.M.C.P.A. or the good of the game.
    5. All Motions for debate must be submitted to the General Secretary no less than fifteen days prior to the A.G.M.
    6. Each Committee Member, including Executive Committee Members, shall be entitled to one vote (except Chairman) at an A.G.M. All affiliated leagues to have a maximum of two votes (one per delegate). Chairperson to have the casting vote in the event of a tied vote.
    7. All voting shall be conducted by a show of hands unless a ballot is demanded by delegates or the Chairperson decides it is necessary.
    8. Any motions for debate which fail to get seconded at the A.G.M. shall not be debated. Any motions must have the Proposer or Seconder present.
    9. Minutes from the A.G.M. are to be made available to all Committee Members and delegates of Affiliated Leagues within four weeks of the A.G.M.


    Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.
    1. Upon receipt of a request by at least two thirds of the members of the General Committee, the General Secretary or Chairperson shall be empowered to call an E.G.M..
    2. An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting can be called by the Executive Committee if circumstances are considered exceptional.
    3. At least seven days’ notice shall be given of an E.G.M. together with an agenda of the business to be transacted.
    4. Minutes from the E.G.M. are to be made available to all Committee Members and delegates of Affiliated Leagues within four weeks of the E.G.M..


    1. The Treasurer, together with the Chairman and General Secretary shall be responsible for the finances of the G.M.C.P.A..
    2. All cheques must have two signatures which will include the Treasurer and one other member of the full Committee. Three signatures must be recognised by the bank, two of which should be from the Executive Committee.
    3. The Treasurer will provide an up-to-date balance at each meeting and will produce a balance statement upon request of the Committee.
    4. The G.M.C.P.A. financial year will be concluded on or around 30th November each year and the Treasurer will provide a balance sheet for the A.G.M..
    5. An audit of the accounts up to 30th November tobe completed within three months of the A.G.M..
    6. All monies held by the G.M.C.P.A. - after the deduction of managerial expenses - will be used for the benefit of all the member of G.M.C.P.A..
    7. All fines imposed by the G.M.C.P.A. must be paid to the Treasurer before the next Ordinary Meeting.
    8. The G.M.C.P.A. will endeavour to reimburse all out of pocket expenses incurred by any representative while conducting any business on behalf of G.M.C.P.A. these will require approval at an Ordinary Meeting.


    County Matters
    1. A Team Manager shall be appointed by the A.G.M. in charge of the Men’s A, Men’s B, Senior’s (over 50’s), Ladie's & Junior teams. Their role will be to manage the welfare of the teams and to assist in team selection if asked to do so by the Team Captains.
    2. Team Captain's (Men's A, Men's B, Senior's,  Ladie's & Junior's) will be voted on by the players at the end of each season. This will be a closed vote overseen by the Team Manager.
    3. The Team Manager will be responsible for selecting how many players are retained each year. Minimum retention for all county teams 50%.
    4. In addition the Team Manager will select the top four finishers from the previous years Inter-League season who are not already County qualified and they will be selected for the relevant county team.
    5. Three wild card positions will be available to the Team Manager which should be used (in consultation with the Team Captain's) to bring in players who have failed to qualify at trials or were unable to attend.
    6. All remaining places in the county team will be selected from trialist's, the trials will be held on a single date at the county team's venue.
    7. The General Committee in consultation with the County player's are to select a home venue from which to play County matches from. The home venue will also be used to play the Inter-League KO Cup. If deemed necessary a vote will take place to determine the venue. This will be reviewed every two years at A.G.M.’s in even numbered years.  Next tender 2020 A.G.M. For 2021 County season.
    8. Each team member must be E.P.A. Registered.
    9. Players are to be at the venue by 12.00pm, players arriving later than 12.15pm without giving prior notification may not play that day.
    10. Dress Code: Plain black tailored trousers (Ladies can also wear a plain black Skirt - minimum knee length). No studs. No combat styles. No jeans. No tracksuit or jogging bottoms. No cords. No pin stripes. Black shoes. County Team Shirt. (must have good reason not to be wearing one).
    11. All matches to commence by 12:30pm.
    12. Team sheets to be filled in leaving the following numbers vacant if teams are one, two or three players short.
    13. Home team one player short, (No. 7), two players short (No’s 7 & 1), three players short (No's 7, 1 & 2)
    14. Away team one player short, (No. 10), two players short (No’s 10 & 5), three players short (No 10, 5 & 8


    General Rules (playing) [non-constitutional] Inter-League

    1. Subscription to the Inter-League will be £100 per year (including £50 of raffle tickets) and a £25 returnable bond will be payable.
    2. Each team member must be an E.P.A. registered card holder (£10.00 Adults per year £7.00 for Youth).
    3. All Team Registration Forms (red) to be submitted to the Inter-League Secretary at the registration meeting (January/February), no form means no team entered. All fees (Team and Player Registration) to be paid in full by the registration meeting, failure to pay by this date may result in the disqualification of the team. Any team removed from the Inter-League will have all of that seasons results removed.
    4. All players in a match must be registered for the team prior to the match. Only in emergencies and with the Inter-League Secretaries authority can a player be registered on the day of a match in which case they have seven days to submit registration paperwork and fees to the Inter-League Secretary. Failure to do both will deem the player un-registered.
    5. League Matches.
      1. All matches to be played by their due date. Fixtures may however by mutual agreement of the captains concerned, and with the Inter-League Secretary's authority, be re-scheduled for an alternative date before the following Inter-League fixture date.
      2. Matches will consist of eighteen frames (two halves of nine) with no player allowed to play more than one frame in each half. Three points will be awarded for a match win and one point for a draw.
      3. All matches are to be played to the E.P.A.’s current ‘Official World 8 Ball Rules’
      4. Home team to time keep. Away team to referee.
      5. Lag for the choice of first frame break off then all further breaks are to alternate.
      6. Teams should arrive at the venue around 12:30pm for a 1:00pm start.
    6. Cup matches are treated the same as league matchesexceptin the event of a match being tied at nine all then a three frame play off will occur to determine the winner.
    7. All teams are to have a minimum of two qualified referee’s (minimum grade ’E’) of which at least one (from each team) must be present at each match.
    8. A minimum of six players must be present from each team to start a match.
    9. If a match has failed to start by 1:30pm (other than by prior arrangement) then the match may be claimed
    10. If during a match a team has no player then ten minutes will be allowed before the frame can be claimed. Further frames to be claimed at ten minute intervals.
    11. Where a Home team has insufficient players to play all 9 frames (in the 1st session), they are to mark 'NO PLAYER' in frame 9 for the first missing player, frame 7 for a second missing player and frame 5 for a third missing player. Where an Away team has insufficient players, they are to mark 'NO PLAYER' in frame 8 for the first missing player, frame 6 for a second missing player and frame 4 for a third missing player.
    12. Any player who plays any frame must sign the match sheet. Failure to do so will result in loss of that frame and a £5 fine.
    13. All match sheets are to be received by the Inter-League Secretary by the seventh day after the match and are to be on an official match sheet. The winning Captain (or home captain in the case of a draw) is responsible for posting the match sheet.
    14. Match results are to be communicated via text message to the Inter-League Secretary directly after the match.
    15. Both Captains to sign the match sheet at the end of the match in acceptance of the score and result. The committee will not investigate any match issues if the card has been signed by both
    16. Any correspondence or complaint relating to Inter-League should be sent to both the chairperson and the Inter-League Secretary unless in direct response to a received letter
    17. Any team failing to play any two consecutive matches shall be disqualified from the Inter-League with no refund of fees. All results for the team shall be null and void.
    18. Any team disqualified from the Inter-League will be barred from re-entering for a period of two years. Individual players from that team may play from a different team providing they pay 10% of any outstanding fees or fines from their previous team or a £10.00 fee (whichever is greater and at the discretion of the committee).
    19. In the event of a tied place on points, at the end of the season then the count back will be as follows; frame difference, win/loss ratio, head to head matches. In the event of it still being a tie there will be a one match play-off at a neutral venue
    20. Transfers between Inter-League teams during a season are not allowed. A player is deemed committed to a team once they have signed an official match sheet whether they have played or not.
    21. At the end of the season teams will get the opportunity to respresent GMC at the Interleague National Finals the following year (subject to the number of places offered to GMC by the E.P.A.) The order in which places are allocated as follows: Winner of Division 1, Runner up of Division 1, Winner of Division 2, Winner of Division 3, then all other places from top Division. If a qualifying team doesn't wish to attend the Finals then their place is allocated to the next team in the afore mentioned sequence.

    In the event that team(s) do not finish the season, thus reducing the amount of teams in a division, the team(s) in question will effectively finish bottom of that division.
    As a general rule, the bottom two teams in a division will be relegated (if there is a lower division) and the top two teams in a division will be promoted (if there is a higher division). This, however, can only apply if the following format can be adhered:

    9 teams – 2 divisions – Div. 1 (5 teams), Div. 2 (4 teams)
    10 teams – 2 divisions – Div. 1 (5 teams), Div. 2 (5 teams)
    11 teams – 2 divisions – Div. 1 (6 teams), Div. 2 (5 teams)
    12 teams – 2 divisions – Div. 1 (6 teams), Div. 2 (6 teams)
    13 teams - 2 divisions – Div. 1 (7 teams), Div. 2 (6 teams)
    14 teams – 3 divisions – Div. 1 (5 teams), Div. 2 (5 teams), Div. 3 (4 teams)
    15 teams – 3 divisions – Div. 1, 2 & 3 (5 teams)
    16 teams – 3 divisions – Div. 1 (6 teams), Div. 2 (5 teams), Div. 3 (5 teams)

    In the event that the number of teams in the following season change in a way that prevents a team from being promoted, a play off will take place between them and the lowest team in the division above who hasn’t been automatically relegated, the winner will play in the higher division and the loser will play in the lower division for the next season.

    1. Penalties:
    • Any team failing to field a team for a match will be fined £20 and deducted three points.
    • In the event of a match failing to be played by due date (as per rule 5a) or a team having insufficient players to play a match (as per rule 8) then the offending team will be fined £20 and deducted three points. The offended team will be awarded the match 10-0
    • The first late match sheet will result in a £5.00 fine, for each successive late match sheet the fine will increase by £5.00.
    • Failure to text result in will result in a £5.00 fine.
    • Fielding an un-registered player, without prior notice to the Inter-League Secretary will result in the loss of that players frames won, plus a three point penalty. The legal opponents will claim these frames, for ranking point purposes.
    • Failure to submit paperwork for a new player by the deadline (see Rule 4), withn prior notification to the Inter-League Secretary, will result in the loss of that players frames won, plus a £20 fine. The legal oppenents will claim these frames, for ranking point purposes.
    • Fines and penalties will be imposed for offenses not covered in these rules as the committee see fit.
    • Any fines or penalties due from a match must be paid BEFORE the team play their next match. Failure to adhere may incur further fines, penalties or expulsion from the league
    • Teams not fielding a full team (minimum 9 players) for any match will be fined £5 per missing player.

    1. Inter-League Team Affiliation - £100 per team, per year (this includes £50 of raffle tickets)
    2. Individual Inter-League Team Player Affiliation (E.P.A. registered card holder) - £10.00 Adults, £5.00 Juniors per year
    3. Individual County Team Player Affiliation (E.P.A. registered card holder) - £15.00 Adults, £8.00 Juniors per year
    4. League Affiliation - £30 (this includes £10 of raffle tickets)
    5. Individual Player Affiliation for non County or non Inter-League players (E.P.A. registered card holder) - £20

    12. Discipline
    1. The G.M.C.P.A. committee reserves the right to suspend, fine or expel any member, team or league, for any breach of these rules, or any rules that the committee makes at any future time, or for any act deemed by the committee to have brought the Association into disrepute.
    2. Any member, team or league accused of any offence against the Association, will be afforded every opportunity to defend themselves, or explain their conduct either in writing, or in person to the disciplinary committee.
    3. Any member, team or league expelled will not be allowed to enter a competition organised by the Association, until the body who suspended the party has re-admitted them to the body, which originally suspended them.
    4. If a member, team or league is suspended, then the names, addresses and reason or suspension, must be forwarded to the Associations Secretary.
    5. Any member, team or league expelled from the Association, will forfeit the whole of any subscriptions paid for the current year, and any right or entitlement formally accorded to them as members of the Association.
    6. A member/ team suspended at league level, must appeal to the league who suspended them firstly, if the appeal fails, the member may request their County Association to hear their case, if the County Association rejects their case, the member can request the Region to hear their case, if the Region rejects their case, the member can request the Association to hear their case, and their decision will be final.
    7. Any league suspended by a County Association, must appeal to the County Association who suspended them firstly, if the appeal fails, the league may request the Region to hear their case, if the Region rejects their appeal, the league can request the Association to hear their case, and the decision will be final.
    8. A County Association suspended by the Region, can request the Region to hear an appeal, if the appeal is rejected, the County Association can request the National Association to hear their case, and the decision will be final.9. The Disciplinary committee will be appointed by a General Meeting and must consist of at least one (1) Executive Committee Member and at least one (1) General Committee Member
    13. Officers
    Chairperson Paula Landers 07849 376 752 paula.c.landers@outlook.com
    General Secretary Sean Doyle 07487-608991 seandoyle10@gmail.com
    Treasurer Ste Mak 07743-407153 Stemak777@gmail.com
    Team Manager Ian Davidson 07792 755 978 iandavidson36@gmail.com
    Team Captain Rep. Neil Hamer 07940 490 052 neilhamerisnow@aol.co.uk
    Senior Referee Lloyd Clarke 07999 763 972 lascelle5649@hotmail.co.uk
    Youth Manager  Incumbent    
    Events Organiser Incumbent    
    County Captains      
    Mens A Capt. Mark Astbury 07725 630 912 markastbury_poolgod@hotmail.co.uk
    Mens B Capt. Andy Coyne 07725 173 477  
    Ladies Capt. Paula Landers 07849 376 752 paula.c.landers@outlook.com
    Seniors Capt. Neil Hamer 07940 490 052 neilhamerisnow@aol.co.uk
    Honorary Members      
    Christine Robins      
    Susan Pilling      
    Website Mike Matthews 07956 518 084 mike@priestnall.org
    County Venue

    Savanna's Pool & Snooker Club, Albert Close Trading Estate, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 8EH

    Tel: 0161 766 6997



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